SINUS TREATMENT requires accurate diagnosis of the underlying cause. If the cause is Allergy then Allergy Testing is necessary to formulate the right treatment. If it is an infection then correct antibiotics are required. If there is an swelling or obstruction in the sinus openings then surgery may be required.

Inhalant Allergy is the most common cause of Chronic Sinus Symptoms. Allergy to inhaled substances such as Pollens, Molds, Animal dander, dust mites etc. causes inflammation of the nasal passages with the swelling, congestion and excessive mucus secretion that blocks the drainage openings of sinuses causing symptoms such as Headache, Sinus Fullness, Postnasal Drip, pain over the face and forehead. Secretions in the blocked sinuses often get infected resulting in Recurrent Sinusitis or Chronic Sinusitis, needing Antibiotics. Postnasal Drip or Sinus Drainage is a common symptom of Chronic Allergic Sinusitis. 

Chronic or Recurrent Sinusitis must be investigated for Allergies.  Allergy Skin Tests for inhaled allergens such as Pollens, Molds, Animal Dander, Dust mite etc. will help identify the offending cause which will need to be eliminated to reduce the symptoms. If medications and allergen avoidance do not help, Allergy Desensitization either by allergy injections or by Oral Allergy Drops are then necessary to control the disease.

Sinus Allergy very often leads to or is associated with Asthma. Unless Sinus disease and Sinus Allergy is controlled Asthma is often difficult to control and may become progressively worse. Treatment of Sinus / Sinusitis / Sinus Infections / Sinus Allergy therefore is very important.