New Patient Instructions:

 Are You a Physician’s Offices & Clinic: To Refer a patient please Print and FAX this simple patient referral Form (click to open), and we will do the rest; or call us as above. We will send you a report when the evaluation is completed.

 Are You A New Patient?:  To make an appointment at any of our five locations, call us at 304-343-4300 during normal work hours. If you happen to call after working hours please leave us a detailed message, including your telephone number and an alternate phone number where we can find you. We will call you back the next business day.

We do not require a referral to see a New Patient. If your insurance requires it or you don’t know, please call us. We will be happy to find out as well as help you get the referral.

 New Patient Information:  Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you. Please click here to open the New Patient History & Registration FormYou can Fill the Form online and save it on your computer, but you MUST PRINT (On One Side Of Paper) & BRING it with you. The form cannot be submitted online due to HIPPA (Privacy) Regulations. If you prefer to fill in the form in our office, please arrive at least half an hour earlier than your appointment time. 

To help us serve you better we have written a summary of our office policies. You must READ (and print for reference) this Office Policy Brochure (click to see)  before your first visit. 

 If you wish to ask your Primary Physician or previous Allergist to send medical records to us, please fill up and print this Records Release TO AAC Form (click to open)Then sign and mail or fax it to the Referring Doctor’s Office. Do this at least a couple of days before your appointment so we will have the documents when we see you.

Since you may need Allergy Tests on your first visit, we request that you stop any Antihistamine containing medications at least 5 days before your visit. However, please DO NOT STOP YOUR ASTHMA MEDICATIONS or any other regular medications you may be taking as prescribed by your other doctors.  Click here for a list of common medications that may contain an Antihistamine. In that paper you will notice there are a few antihistamine meds that must not be stopped. Do not worry if you are unable to or forget to stop the antihistamine meds, as we will still see you and do the evaluation; and the allergy skin tests can be done on the subsequent visit. Please feel free to call us any time if there are any questions or doubts.

We have assembled a lot of useful and reliable information about Asthma, Allergies,  Skin Testing,  Patch Testing, Environmental Control, Medications we prescribe etc. etc. in our Patient Education section. Write down and bring your questions with you. We will do our best to answer them. 

We respect patient privacy and follow all federal and state regulations to protect patient health information. You can read ourPrivacy Policy Notice (click here to open).  A copy of this document will be give to you at your first visit.

All of us look forward to serving you.