Allergy To Local Anesthetics / Dental Anesthetics: Xylocaine (Lidocaine); Prilocaine (Citanest); Carbocaine (Mepivacaine); Marcaine (Bupivacaine), Septocaine (Articaine); Duranest (Etidocaine); Nesacaine (Chloprocaine); Other “Caines”:

History of Drug Allergy to Local Anesthetics listed above often prevents patients from seeing the dentist. And if they do see, the dentist may recommend general anesthesia, which is much more risky and expensive, even for minor dental surgeries. Same goes if they see a surgeon for a minor surgical procedure.

At Asthma & Allergy Center we can test and find for you an alternative local anesthetic that does not cross-react with the one you had reaction with. In the very rare event that you are allergic to all of them, we can recommend a schedule of pretreatment that reduces your risk of a serious reaction.

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