Allergy Shots / Allergy Injections / Sublingual Immunotherapy / Oral Allergy Drops

     Allergy treatment at the Asthma & Allergy Centers in Charleston WV, Beckley WV, Logan WV, Ripley WV, and Parkersburg WV (also serving Marietta OH and Belpre OH) is prescribed after thorough evaluation of your condition, depending on the duration of your symptoms, severity of the symptoms, what you are allergic to and treatments you have tried. What you are allergic to is diagnosed with Allergy Skin Tests or sometimes with blood tests,. For the mildest disease oral antihistamines, nose sprays and eye drops are enough. For moderate symptoms  steroid nose sprays or leukotriene inhibitors such as Monteleukast may be enough. Avoidance of allergens diagnosed by skin tests is necessary in all cases. Since many of the inhaled allergens cannot be avoided, Allergy Injections, commonly called Allergy Shots are prescribed to induce immune-tolerance to the allergens.

For persons averse to taking injections there are Oral Allergy Drops or Sublingual Immunotherapy, also called SLIT. Most inhalant allergens can be treated with oral drops that are available thru our office. Multiple studies have proven that oral drops are as effective as allergy injections. The only problem is that Health Insurance companies pay for allergy injections but not for the oral drops. You can read more about Oral Allergy Drops here. Allergy Tablets for Timothy Grass, Ragweed and Dust mite Sublingual Immunotherapy have recently become available. We have not had any experience with the tablets because most patients we see are allergic to multiple allergens, and the three available tablets do not cover many of their allergies.

We offer Allergy Injections as well as Allergy Drops designed to cover all or most of your inhalant allergens at Asthma & Allergy Centers in Charleston WV, Beckley WV, Logan WV, Ripley WV, Parkersburg WV.   

To make an appointment at any of the above offices, call us at (304) 343-4300.

Click here to read what the US Govt.’s Agency For Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) has to say about Allergy Shots and Allergy Drops.